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A Midsummer Night's Festival

Harry Potter meets Shakespeare

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Harry Potter meets Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night’s Festival has a fairly straightforward concept. This is a challenge that fuses two universes together – the world of Shakespeare, and the world of Harry Potter created by J.K. Rowling.

The aim of this festival is to take the plays written by William Shakespeare and superimpose them onto the world of Harry Potter. The characters, circumstances and tribulations from Shakespeare’s plays are adapted to a magical setting; the devices are transformed, the character’s motivations altered slightly to suit the canon characters of Harry Potter, and with a prod of the wand – fanfiction is made.

Note: Slash writers, het writers and gen writers are all welcome to participate and reinterpret Shakespeare's plays as they see fit. (Yes, if you insist on smut, incorporate smut. Just don't neglect your plots, please and thank you.)

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Please visit this post

GUIDELINES FOR POSTING: Dramatis Personae and Story Outline
Participants must visit this post
Added January 9, 2006.

Participants must visit this post
Added January 31, 2006.


1) Each writer may make one claim.
2) Three writers may choose the same claim, but no more.
3) The claims period will end on December 15, 2005.
4) Each writer must post their Dramatis Personae and Preliminary outline by January 30, 2006.
5) Fics are to be adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays – this is to say, you will be superimposing Shakespeare’s world on the Harry Potter universe.
6) Fics may be set in the present Harry Potter universe (up until the year 1999), the past Harry Potter universe (founder fics, MWPP era, etc.), or be classified as “Alternate Universe” if you’d like to write history!fic, however you may not, under any circumstance, use the clichéd plotline that “Hogwarts hosts a play written by the muggle playwright William Shakespeare.”
7) Fics are expected to be novella or novel-length after their completion. How you structure your work is up to you.
8) Each writer must use a beta (an editor) before posting their work to the community – in part or in whole. If you can’t find a beta reader, might we suggest looking to the Perfect Imagination directory.
9) The official writing period runs from February to June. Fics may be posted to the community during this time. We suggest you keep one primary post that documents your chapter listing at the community, adding to it as your work nears completion.
10) The absolute and final deadline for posting completed works to the community is June 21, 2006 – Midsummer’s Eve.

This festival is brought to you in part by the HPDC and darkones

Our writers support the use of accredited beta readers from Perfect Imagination